Here is the tutorial for the 8x9craft.

Before the use of the 8x9craft for programming, please start with the Creative mode to practice and to test for your first time.

Getting Hakkun

When you start the game in Creative mode, you will find the item Hakkuns Shell in Inventory.

Then, please put the shell on the ground after you picked up it from inventory.

then, the Hakkun will appear there.

And also, You can give a new name to Hakkun.

Fiest, you will learn how to give Hakkun a new name target Hakkun with  your cursor and input the following text.

/crab name hello

Hakkuns new name will be “hello”.

You can change its name to what ever you want.


Commanding of Hakkun

You can give Hakkun a variety of commands.

To start  /crab is a command of Hakkun.
Renameing  a Hakkun is one of the possible commands.
If you want to control the Hakkun, please use the  /crab command, then you can control it.

 After selecting Hakkun, lets start by executing the command below. 

/crab forward

He moves for one block.
Next, Let’s make him turn.

/crab turnLeft

He can also be turned 90 degrees.

/crab help

When you enter and execute this, you will see  there are many other commands.


The Programming of Hakkun

The command begging with /js is a command of Hakkun.
Please select Hakkun, and input the following command and execute with enter.

/js eval crab.forward(); crab.turnLeft()

He will move forward and turn left

If you want to separate multiple commands.

/js 1 crab.forward()
/js 2 crab.turnLeft()

Enter line numbers in order in this like


/js run

When you enter this command and execute then enter

If you want to check what order of inputted programs.

/js list 

You can see the program list below


Hakkun Editor

If you want to input more programs, try using the Hakkun Editor.

commanded by


Please input the above command

A blue link like the one above should be displayed
Click the link.

You will be asked to go to the website, but please click Yes.
Then the following screen will be displayed on your browser.

This is Hakkun Editor.
We will make a simple program from now

In the edit area on the right


Please input the above code.

Next, We will save this program.

In the upper right, click Save.

The save file dialog will be displayed.

Please input the file name you want to save, and then click Save.
The file name is displayed below.

After saving, let’s run next.
When you select Hakkun to run the program, Details like the figure will be displayed

Please click the play button on the green icon.
 The after program runs, let’s check the Minecraft screen.

The Hakkun will be move according to the program.

In this way, you can use the Hakkun Editor to create programs and execute them.

If you want to know more about Hakkun, please look at the Wiki.