Getting Started

Getting Started

 The 8×9Craft (Hack Craft) is an original mod which you can learn programming while enjoying at Minecraft. It is jointly developed by Kids Programming School 8×9 (Hack), Re.Kayo-System Co., Ltd, Beyond Co., Ltd.

the Hakkun was added by 8x9Craft

8x9Craft allow you to add a Block named “Hakkun” to the world of Minecraft and talk with him in JavaScript. The Hakkun is good at almost every things; can build buildings, make things and talk with players. You will get to know how to program while playing with it.

Hakkun Editor

If you already have Minecraft, you can start using 8x9Craft for free. If you are familiar with Minecraft but new to programming, don’t worry. You will enjoy programming in the world you have already known very well.

Getting Started 

8x9Craft is provided as a mod. Before installing the mod you have to install Minecraft itself (not Windows10 Edition) and Minecraft Forge. Install them if you haven’t done already.

The next process is to install the Minecraft Forge.

How to install