The 8x9Craft is the original Mod for Minecraft that is provided by Kids Programming School 8×9 (Hack), Re.Kayo-System Co., Ltd, Beyond Co., Ltd. This is  for free to use without  to use for commercial. We hope to you to try this. 

8x9Craft  is prohibited to do redistribution, therefore please download it from distribution site. The binary of modification and analysis are prohibited. Please use it as a distribution state.


Kids Programming School 8×9 (Hack), Re.Kayo-System Co., Ltd, Beyond Co will not take any responsibility if the damage is occurred by using  8x9Craft. 

8x9Craft commercial use is an onerous contact. In case if 8x9Craft  was used for third peroson by the all enterprise including individual (such as employee training, educational institution, teaching materials etc..), that will be dealt with for profit.

In fact, If you want to use 8x9Craft as commercial use, please contact us for a contract offer which is specified separately by our company contract method.

We are welcome to use and download our product only for everyone who have been reading and understanding the contract details. Thank you.